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By James Butler 02 Nov, 2017
Our British winters are infamous , we either get crystal clear skies and sharp frosts or deep low pressures bringing wind and rain but with relatively mild temperatures. Wind of course is always a factor in drone operations and we at SkyScene set an operating limit of approximately 10kts - about that , not only is there a safety implication but it becomes more difficult to frame shots. 
Another consideration is temperature , the Lipo batteries that our drones use suffer in the cold weather. The flight time is reduced quite significantly  , so to combat this situation we use battery heaters. Its takes just a few minutes for the batteries to be brought up to temperature thus increasing the flight time. Rain of course is a no no , delicate electronics and water have never got on well together. 
So , in summary , unless its raining or particularly windy - we can fly!
By James Butler 23 Oct, 2017
We have been licensed by the civil aviation authority since 2005 , that meant passing a series of exams , conducting a flight test and then finally the very hard part .. putting together the operations manual. That then has to be submitted to the civil aviation authority along with evidence of your insurance. Then, after a long wait you get the permission for aerial work. 
But what about flying for fun, who can go out buy a drone and fly it? well .. just about anyone. But there's several considerations in order to stay legal and safe .. 
1) Always keep your drone within sight.
2) Stay below 400ft  (120mtrs)
3) Follow the manufacturers instructions .. keep people around you safe. 
4) Fly 50 meters away from people and property , if its a congested area or built up then that increases to 150mtrs.
5) The flight is YOUR responsibility , if you fail to act accordingly then you could be facing a criminal prosecution.
6) Stay away from aircraft , airports and airfields. Failing to do that and endangering an aircraft could land you 5 years in prison.

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